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The practical phase from abroad is recognised in Germany.

Quick Facts Practical Phase Physician Assistant

Every PA student in Germany completes at least 7 weeks of practical training in a clinic each semester. For example, the semester structure is as follows:

  • 1st semester: Internal Medicine
  • 2nd semester: General surgery
  • 3rd semester: Trauma surgery
  • 4th semester: Radiology
  • 5th semester: Neurosurgery
  • 6th semester: Psychiatry

The practical phases must be completed within the dates specified by the respective state examination office. Some universities allow the practical phases to be split up. It is possible to divide the practical phases by arrangement with the university.

The practical placement is recognised if the institutions fulfil certain criteria. These criteria vary depending on the university."

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Completed her nursing internship for 30 days in Sri-Lanka.

Hey, I'm Louisa and I'm studying dentistry in Düsseldorf! Together with 17 other fellow students, we flew to Sri Lanka as a group in 2022 to complete our nursing internship. We had the opportunity to get a taste of different departments and all stayed together in a beautiful accommodation, 5 minutes away from the beach by tuk tuk! I can really recommend the trip via travel4med to everyone, for me it was a unique and unforgettable experience!

The all-round carefree package for your practical phase 🚀

Are you training to become a Physician Assistant and would like to expand your skills and knowledge in an international environment?

Then take the opportunity to complete part of your internship in exotic locations around the globe. We will help you pave the way to your dream internship by taking care of all the important aspects and ensuring that your internship is both enriching and unforgettable.

Recognised hospitals

With travel4med, you don't have to worry about having your practical phase recognised in Germany. We take the selection of our partner hospitals very seriously and ensure that they fulfil all the requirements and conditions of the state examination offices (LPAs). You can therefore rest assured that your practical phase will be recognised at your home university in Germany, allowing you to concentrate fully on your valuable experience abroad. We will contact your university after your booking and ensure once again that the practical phase is fully recognised.

At travel4med, medical supervision during your practical phase is of the utmost importance. During your stay in our partner hospitals, you will have daily contact with experienced doctors who will show you their day-to-day work. They will accompany you during examinations and treatments and give you valuable insights into the workings of the healthcare system. We believe that close co-operation with the doctors is the key to a successful internship and we are proud to be able to offer you this opportunity.

Professional care by experienced doctors and physicians

Cool leisure activities

Sri Lanka and Nepal are not only rich in culture and history, but also offer numerous leisure opportunities. At travel4med, we help you organise excursions and weekend trips so you can explore and experience these fascinating countries in your free time.

In Sri Lanka, you can visit the picturesque beaches on the coast, visit traditional tea plantations in the mountains or observe the fascinating wildlife in one of the national parks. 

Nepal, on the other hand, offers breathtaking nature experiences. You can marvel at the majestic peaks of the Himalayas, including Mount Everest, on exciting trekking adventures or mountain climbing. Nepal's cultural heritage is evident in the magnificent temples of Kathmandu and the historic royal cities in the Kathmandu Valley.

At travel4med, the quality of our accommodation is very important to us. We know that it is important to have a comfortable and safe home during your internship. That's why we carefully check every accommodation before we offer it to our participants. We make sure that all our accommodation meets European standards and has all the necessary amenities such as clean rooms, sanitary facilities and WiFi. We want you to feel at home during your stay and have a positive experience.

Approved and safe accommodation

Network with other participants: inside

At travel4med, it is important to us that you not only complete a successful internship, but also gain unforgettable experiences and make new friends. That's why we offer our participants shared accommodation where you can live together with other students from all over Germany and Austria and have a great time. Together you will explore the destination country, try new dishes and share your experiences and impressions. These experiences and friendships will not only accompany you during your stay, but also beyond.

During your internship, you can gain unforgettable medical experience. In the hospitals, you will have the opportunity to see rare diseases and understand how they are treated. In addition, there are often opportunities to watch or even assist in operations - an experience you won't soon forget. You will be supervised by experienced doctors who will pass on their knowledge and help you to improve your skills. These experiences will not only help you to expand your medical knowledge, but also deepen your understanding of patient care and the healthcare system in another country.

Exciting medical experience

Safe transport

Safety is a top priority at travel4med - also when it comes to transport. We want you to get from A to B reliably and safely during your internship. That's why we only work with experienced and reputable transport companies that fulfil our high standards. We want you not to have to worry about transport during your stay and to be able to concentrate fully on your experience and adventure on site.

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We organise suitable accommodation in the travel4med Villa.


Travel on site

We organise guided tours in your place of residence.



Doctors will look after you in the hospital where you are staying.



We organise transport from the airport to the travel4med villa.

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