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of male and female doctors and medical students.

travel4med - Clinical elective & nursing internship abroad

The offer,

which we would have wished for ourselves at the time!

 We at travel4med have all thought about doing our upcoming internship in an exciting, new and idyllic place during our studies - but it was often too complicated. We are doing things differently now: we offer you what we would have wished for ourselves back then: Clinical placements and nursing internships in dream places all over the world!

The heads of travel4med

We support youngge Menschen dabei, einumpteenartige Hefahrungen bei their nursing internship, their clinical traineeship and their PJ at Fromcountry zu machen. Unser hefahrenit Team besteht aus Ärztinnen, Ärzten, Medizinstudents and Betreuer:innen vor Location, the you with Council and Tat zur Seite stehen. Lass you from us bei your Reise in ein neues Fromenteuhe begleiten!

Nils-Andre Stritt

Das ist Nils ! He ist Co-Founder and initiator of travel4med. Nils travelled to Sri Lanka for the first time in 2018 - back then for his own nursing internship. It was there that he got the idea for travel4med. 
Seither is unermüdlI daran, sein Vision zu verwirklichen. Nils studiert itself Medizin and through his co-development of the ncrechner app, he is very familiar with all the requirements and demands of the universities. Nils' goal is to establish travel4med at as many locations as possible and to make experiences abroad during medical studies accessible to a broad audience.

Joana Alves Wibisono

Das ist Joana - ein lebensfrohes, narrowagiertit Teamwithglied from travel4med. Joana is in the final throes of her Medical studies and not only completed part of her nursing internship in Sri Lanka, but also part of her clinical traineeship and a whole PJ tertial. Joana lovedbt it, neuen Herfromforderungen zu begegnen. You ist fFor the Organisation and the persönliche Betreuung ourrer travellers zuständig. Joana ist atmer voller Energy and Verantwortung and bringt frischen Wind in ourre Gruppe. With ihrer fröhlichen Art and ihren Ideen bringt she us vorwärts and maket travel4med zu einem unverznotbaren Bestandteil the Zukunft.

MUDr. Andreas Zehetner - doctor and co-founder of futuredoctor, mentored & travel4med.

MUDr. Andreas Zehetner

Andreas brings the vision of travel4med to life! With his technical understanding, he is our backbone and helps us to make every project a reality. Andreas also studied medicine himself, is a medical doctor and, as a true all-rounder, an indispensable part of our team!

MUDr. Amandeep Grewal

Amandeep studied medicine abroad and is now a medical doctor. His passion for travel and his commitment have led him to become part of our vision and help us create memorable travel experiences. With his expertise, he supports us in implementing innovative ideas that improve the travel experience of young people. He is an important member of travel4med and we are proud to have him on the team.

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We organise transport from the airport to the travel4med villa.

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Galle, Sri Lanka

Clinical traineeship, internship & PJ

Kathmandu, Nepal

Clinical traineeship & internship